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Precise building mass heights verified from blueprints.

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Clear and intuitive rules for defining building heights.

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Looking up a skyscraper For More Fairness in Height Rankings

The "building mass height" definition affects the order of older height rankings. Older definitions of the 'building height' produce counterintuitive rankings that do not take recent developments in construction and design into account, especially very tall spires and decorative features. The revised rules and rankings provide more acceptable and common-sense results.

Things You Can Expect

People With Passion
We are crazy about doing things right, no matter how intense the discussion or how difficult it may be to improve things. And we are creating transparency for objective height rankings based on a global approach to comparing information.
Heights from Blueprints
The outlined rules are applied consistently to all listed buildings, and their heights are verified from the most reliable sources possible, primarily as-built blueprints and technical drawings.
Free Information
All height figures are available for free use under a Creative Commons license, without restriction to its use as long as "" is listed as a source.
Downloadable Data
Users can look up individual heights for any building from the database or download the full set of available heights. Updates can also be downloaded free of charge through a JSON feed.
Openness of Discussion
The people behind the project are open minded and like to join discussions on how to deal with information on heights. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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